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Diabetic Life Insurance

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Good control of Diabetes can mean the difference between a long fulfilling, quality life, or one of serious illness and complications.

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Our Diabetic Life Insurance product is not just for those who carry on without you, it has been specifically created for you too.

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We understand the many challenges related to securing quality, affordable life cover for people living with diabetes. It’s one of the reasons why we have partnered with Guidepost to design an insurance solution that provides you with a means to proactively manage your HbA1c levels and by doing so, obtain life insurance cover at a competitive rate.

Diabetic Life is ground-breaking in that it is the only insurance product that embeds a comprehensive and scientifically proven diabetes management programme into the policy benefits, at no additional cost. All you have to do is participate in the programme to keep cover in place, which in turn helps you to improve your diabetes control over the long term and in doing so, you get to maintain market related life-insurance premiums and better cover. Good control of diabetes can mean the difference between a long, fulfilling, quality life, or one of serious illness and complications. With Diabetic Life and Guidepost, you get to choose good control and a healthier, fulfilling quality of life. Who says life cover’s real value only occurs when you’re no longer around!




- how it works


Complete application form (digitally, with broker, or paper). All info needs to be complete in order for us to process the application form.


Your application form is reviewed and our underwriters will provide an indicative quotation. We will provide an indicative quotation if your risk factors are within a certain range.


Based on the quoted premium, if you wish to continue the journey with us and obtain a formal quotation, you will be required to undergo medical underwriting. What this means: depending on your age at application and the amount of cover you select, the underwriting requirements differ. We have partnered with PathCare and Lancet to make this process as seamless as possible.
1) You will receive feedback on the medical tests required.
2) You may use Pathcare or Lancet.
3) We may require a doctor's involvement, but all requirements will be clearly communicated to you.


Issue final quote for acceptance.


If quote is accepted, policy is issued.


Guidepost will contact you to begin the journey with them (note: participation in the programme is a mandatory condition of the policy and failure to enrol results in termination of the policy).



You and your dedicated diabetes coach will walk a journey of progressive improvement through a series of individualised tele-consultations. Managing diabetes is hard and having an expert who cares about you every step of the way is the best approach to making lasting improvements.


Making change happen is difficult but people who join Guidepost and actively participate in the programme are able to substantially reduce their HbA1c, go to hospital less frequently and live longer, healthier lives.


Guidepost has helped thousands of people with diabetes in South Africa to master their condition. The Guidepost team of experts includes nurses, dietitians, doctors and scientists who create the tools and techniques you’ll be using on your own personal journey to improvement.
I can’t even explain how much this programme has changed my life & family's life for the better. I learnt a lot of things I didn't know. Since being on the programme my sugar levels have improved, I am now healthy, happy, and enjoying life. I now understand that I don't have to cook my own separate food from my family, but can also enjoy what they eat the correct way and no longer get sick every time. Please continue the great work you do, and help others out there like me.
Thandiwe Nhlengethwa
Guidepost member

Living with diabetes can be hard. The Guidepost programme, included with your insurance, has helped thousands of people to master their condition. You will have regular discussions with your coach over the phone or video call, at times that are convenient to you. You will need to test your blood glucose in the days before your consult and provide that information to your coach so that they can tailor the discussion to your needs. Guidepost’s coaches are trained and ready to support you in all the areas that influence your diabetes management, helping you to understand the changes you could make and how to make those changes work for you as your situation changes over time.

You will also need to get your HbA1c lab test done once a year and provide the result to Guidepost.


Diabetic Life FAQs

Age, as premiums are age-rated

Cover amount remains flat, unless increased by the policyholder specifically. The premiums increase due to age-rating.

Yes, it is re-rated at the policy’s anniversary.

Clients are individually loaded based on their Underwriting result. There is no automatic or minimum loading. Swiss Re has restrictions on the maximum loading that we are able to write i.e., if the client’s loading exceeds a certain threshold, we will unfortunately need to decline.

You generally have 15 days post first missed premium to bring your policy up to speed. If the policy lapses, the insurer reserves the right to reinstate the policy at the last premium paid level / adjust premium / decline to reinstate.

Premiums should be competitive, particularly where you take into account that the policy includes the benefits of the Guidepost programme which other insurers do not. Because of the loading cap, where premiums are very heavy, we would end up declining as the loading would in those instances be above the permitted maximum.

The policy pays out for both accidental death and natural causes. Pre-existing conditions need to be disclosed as part of the underwriting process. If, for example, the client had a pre-existing heart condition (whether diabetes-related or not) and failed to disclose this, if they then died from a heart attack, the policy may not pay out. Guardrisk would assess the claim if under R2m for this and if above, Swiss Re would assess.

People with HbA1c above 6.5% are considered to be diabetic. The target range for healthy diabetes management is usually at or below 7% but could be higher for specific individuals based on age, comorbidities and other factors (as per the South African guidelines). The target for people on the Sirago Diabetic Life policy is to keep their HbA1c at or below 8% to to maintain the monthly premium without any additional loadings on the Policy for the 12 months thereafter.

Summary of Policy Terms and Conditions


A waiting period of 3 (three) months starting from the Inception Date applies for Natural Death. During this period, an Insured Person is not covered for Natural Death and the occurrence of such Claim Event will result in no entitlement for any Policy Benefit. No Waiting Period will be imposed for Natural Death in instances where the Insured Person was covered on a similar Policy with an alternate insurer in the 31 (thirty-one) days before the Inception Date of this Policy, provided such Waiting Period on the similar Policy with the alternate insurer had already expired. The Waiting Period on this Policy will, in such an instance, be waived, provided this is a replacement Policy for the similar Policy held with the alternate insurer. Proof will be required in such instances confirming the alternate Policy remained cancelled failing which the full Waiting Period, as defined, will be applicable for the Insured Person on this Policy.


There is no Waiting Period applicable to Accidental Death.

The Insurer shall not be obliged to make any payment in respect (of any Claim) of any condition or event which is directly or indirectly caused by, arising from, contributed to by, aggravated by, connected with, traceable to or resulting from any of the following:

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide, or a suicide attempt (whether sane or insane) within the first 24 (twenty-four) months from the Inception Date of this Policy;
  • Any Pre-existing Condition of which the Insured Person was aware of and which had its origin before the Inception Date of this Policy, including any condition whether intentionally or not intentionally, not disclosed at Policy inception stage. Nondisclosure of any condition could render the Policy immediately cancelled;
  • If death occurs within 12 months of policy inception, or date of reinstatement (whichever is later) no benefit will be payable, if in the 12 months prior to the policy date, or date of reinstatement (whichever is later) the Insured Person is attended to/receives medical treatment/consultation/care/services from a healthcare practitioner, including diagnostic tests or screening, which leads to a diagnosis of a condition, ailment or disease that contributed to the Insured Person’s death and has not been disclosed and accepted by the Administrator or the Insurer.
  • The Insured Person committing any breach of (any) law or criminal law;
  • The Insured Person’s participation in any criminal activities;
  • No payment will be made under this Policy if the Premiums have not been paid up to date or if the Insured Person has not complied with all the obligations and conditions of this Policy;
  • Nuclear accidents, war or armed conflict (whether war be declared or not), terrorist or insurgency activities, rebellion, civil commotion, sedition, sabotage, or any activity associated with the foregoing, or the defence, quelling, investigation, or containment thereof by any security force;
  • Illegal acts of the Insured Person or the Insured Person’s personal representatives will not be covered.

You qualify for this policy if:

  • You are a South African Citizen;
  • You reside within the borders of South Africa;
  • You have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and You agree to participate in Guidepost’s Diabetes Management Programme;
  • At the Inception Date of the Policy You were older than 18 (eighteen) years but younger than 65 (sixty-five) years; and
  • There are no age limits once cover is in-force provided all Premiums are paid up to date.

On the occurrence of a Claim Event, the Insured Person / Policyholder or Claimant must contact us on:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 010 599 1163

within 6 (six) months from the Claim Event date. The Insured Person / Policyholder or Claimant will have a further 6 (six) months in which to submit the required documentation for the Claim to be assessed and finalised.

This is a summary of the benefits, for all terms, exclusions and conditions please refer to the policy wording or contact your broker.

This Product is administered by Sirago Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP:4710) and is underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, a licensed Life Insurer and Authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP:76).

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