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We offer stakeholders a more personal touch than what they would have received at some of our larger competitors, by guaranteeing individual attention to increase client satisfaction.

Earn additional recurring commission on the sale of Sirago Underwriters products and provide your clients with peace of mind and the assurance that, no matter the eventuality, they have the cover they need.

Our business processes are set up to support the broker in ensuring that they can provide world class service to their clients through a robust administration platform. The executive team also provides direct assistance to brokers working in the corporate employer market. Our partnership with brokers is fundamental to our business success. It is the lifeline to our business and this is why our business processes are constructed in such a way to develop supportive partnerships characterised by loyalty and mutual respect with our intermediaries.

Sirago’s executive management team is well-trained and experienced in operational –, customer services –, and risk management, and the business has structures and strategies in place to attend to all risks associated with the insurance sector. Members of our executive management team have extensive healthcare sector knowledge and experience, and are experts at identifying and managing both clinical and financial risk. In addition to in-house clinical risk management expertise, Sirago uses external qualified clinically trained individuals and companies to ensure long-term business sustainability, without compromising the policyholder.

We provide our intermediaries with support through a team of well qualified and experienced product specialists—called Broker Consultants (BCs). Our BC are located throughout the country to assist the countrywide broker network with product training, problem-solving and administration processes. This ensures that our intermediaries are well-trained on the products (specifically the technical aspects) and that they are well-acquainted with our internal communication structures and standard operating procedures. This in turn helps them inform clients in the interest of managing expectations and limiting queries, and also assisting them in providing efficient services.

To find out more about our exceptional products and service and how we can increase your clients’ satisfaction please contact Sirago Underwriting Managers now by calling 010 599 1163 or contact one of the Broker Consultants in your area. Alternatively, you can complete the following forms and email it to

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