Sirago Underwriting Managers

Sirago MedCare offers a Free Medical Scheme Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR)

What this means is that after a PMB claim has been assessed and does not meet the requirements for payment by Sirago, the policyholder will be able to receive access to this free service for all claims submitted that
exceed R12 000.

For claims that do not exceed R12 000, but which policyholders want to dispute, is still possible for Sirago members via the MedCare website.

To further access the service, Sirago members can:

Obtain free advice, templates, and guidance on the MedCare website.

Obtain access to a MedCare personalised ADR practitioner at a discounted rate.

You can also use the MedCare service to dispute waiting periods and late Joiner Penalties or any other.

You can also utilise your broker to render this service on your behalf to avoid paying the fee to MedCare. Your Broker will also have access to the MedCare website.

MedCare is a benefit available to Sirago policyholders, but is only available on certain Gap Cover Options.

Talk to your financial advisor to find out if you can access the MedCare benefit on your Sirago Gap Cover Option.

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