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Key Benefits

OAL per beneficiary per annum:
R183 000

in-hospital gap benefits
In-Hospital Benefits

Gap Cover
Co-payments Charged as a Percentage
Penalty Fee Cover
Day Hospital/Clinic and/or In Room Surgical Procedures Cover
PMB Cover
Hospital Account Shortfalls
Sub-limit Enhancer

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cancer benefits
Cancer Benefits

Cancer Co-payment Benefit
Cancer Benefit - Boost
Cancer Benefit - Breast Reconstruction

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out-of-hospital gap benefits
Out-of-hospital Benefits

Emergency Room Cover
Day-to-day Specialist Consultation Fee
Preventative Care Cover
Appliance Benefit
Trauma Counselling

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value added benefits
Value Added Benefits

Gap Cover Premium Waiver
Medical Scheme Premium Waiver
Accidental Death
Cancer Cover (Initial Diagnosis)
Sira-Go’ Baby
Sirago MedCare (Free Medical Scheme Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR))

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In-hospital Benefits

Gap Cover

We cover up to 500% above your medical scheme rates or at the
stated benefit value, to a maximum of 600%. In the event of a claim for robotic surgery that appears on the hospital account, we will cover up to a sub-limit of R18 000 per policy, limited to R6 000 per claim.


Co-payments are the excesses imposed by your medical scheme
and can be paid to a maximum rand limit for specified procedures or tests. This includes co-payments imposed by medical schemes for hospital admissions, scans, and surgical procedures. Subject to the OAL.

Co-payments Charged as a Percentage

If your medical scheme defines a co-payment for procedures as a
percentage of the claim, the amount covered will be limited to
R13 000 per claim for all associated costs related to the event.

Penalty Fee Cover

This benefit has a sub-limit of R9 100 per claim and 1 claim per
policy. This is for the voluntary use of a non-designated service
provider or network hospital and includes the use of a partial cover
network hospital.

Day Hospital/Clinic and/or In Room Surgical Procedures

If you choose to have, or your medical scheme pre-authorises
treatment that would normally be performed in a hospital, at a day hospital, clinic, or in a doctor’s room, we will pay the gap portion of claims.

PMB Cover

PMB Cover on this policy is for the shortfalls resulting from the use of a non-designated service provider for a planned PMB procedure. This is not applicable in the event of an emergency. Subject to the OAL.

Hospital Account Shortfalls

R4 000 sub-limit per policy per annum. R850 per claim, 3 claims per beneficiary per annum. Private ward: R1 000 sub-limit.

Sub-limit Enhancer

This benefit has a sub-limit of R30 000 per policy and R11 500 per claim, 2 claims per beneficiary, 3 claims per policy.
The sub-limit enhancer benefit applies when you have exceeded
your medical scheme benefit limit for MRI & CT scans, intraocular lenses, and internal prostheses only.

Out-of-hospital Benefits

Emergency Room Cover

A sub-limit of R9 000 is applicable. This benefit covers an
emergency at any registered emergency, hospital, or casualty
facility when you require immediate medical treatment due to an accident and trauma, or illness. We will cover a general practitioner (GP)’s emergency facility if no emergency hospital is available within a 30 km radius.

All costs related to the accidental event will be covered, whether you are liable to pay the costs out of your own pocket or if your medical scheme pays from your savings.

All costs related to the emergency illness event will be covered and paid up to R1 000 of the sub-limit, if you are liable to pay the costs out of your own pocket, or if paid from your medical scheme savings. This is applicable to any beneficiary 9 years and older who needs emergency treatment outside of normal consultation hours
or treatment that can only be done in an emergency room.

This benefit is applicable to children 8 years and younger who require out of normal consultation hours or treatment that can only be done in an emergency room. All costs related to the event will be covered, whether you are liable to pay the costs from your own pocket or your medical scheme pays it from your savings account.

Day-to-day Specialist Consultation Fee

This benefit covers the difference between the medical scheme
rate and the rate charged by the specialist for consultation only,
up to the available sub-limit of R4 500 per policy, R950 per claim, and 3 claims per beneficiary. This depends on the benefit design of your chosen medical scheme option.

Preventative Care Cover

A sub-limit of R4 000 applies. Claims will be paid up to R800 per claim, limited to 3 claims per beneficiary. The following tests or treatments are covered:
Pap smear, cholesterol test, blood glucose test, flu vaccination, childhood immunisation (Department of Health formulary) – up to the age of 12 years, bone-density scans, prostate-specific antigen tests, mammogram, and contraceptive implantation

Appliance Benefit

We will pay up to R5 000 per policy for the difference between
what the medical scheme benefit amount and what the service provider charges at R2 500 per claim for the following appliances: hearing aids, wheelchairs, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, humidifiers, insulin pumps, glucometers, nebulisers, and Mirena device.

Trauma Counselling

This benefit covers trauma counselling with a registered medical professional after a traumatic event.
A sub-limit of R4 000 per policy applies, R800 per claim for children 13 years and younger, R600 per claim for any dependant 14 years and older, and 3 claims per dependant.
You will be covered within the first 6 months after the incident.

Cancer Benefits

Cancer Co-payment Benefit

This benefit applies if your medical scheme cancer benefit has been reached and a percentage co-payment is imposed. This benefit incorporates co-payments for ongoing cancer-related treatments and biological drugs. You need to be on a registered
treatment plan with your medical scheme to access this benefit.

Cancer Benefit – Boost

This benefit applies if your medical scheme option for cancer
has a defined rand limit. We will cover the costs of ongoing
treatment in line with the medical scheme’s registered treatment plan once the rand limit has been reached. Subject to OAL.

Cancer Benefit – Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy, we will cover up to 200% of the claim for
reconstructive surgery for the affected breast, if it is approved by your medical scheme.
Up to R18 000 will be paid for the reconstruction of the unaffected breast, if there is no payment by the scheme.
This benefit is available within the first 18 months of the initial

Value Added Benefits

Gap Cover Premium Waiver

When you die or become totally and permanently disabled, we
will keep the premiums for your policy as a credit for 12 months.
This may be claimed by the surviving adult dependant.

Medical Scheme Premium Waiver

When the policyholder dies or if become totally and permanently
disabled and all your dependants are linked to the same medical
scheme, we will pay a claim for the medical scheme premium of
the actual rand amount of the contribution, up to the sub-limit
of R3 750 per month for 6 months. If your dependants are on different medical schemes, this benefit is only payable for the medical scheme of the policyholder.

Accidental Death

This benefit will pay out for accidental death: at R8 000 for you
(the principal policyholder), R5 000 for the adult dependant, and R3000
for child dependants.

Cancer Cover (Initial Diagnosis)

This benefit will pay out a lump sum of R16 000 on the initial
diagnosis of malignant cancer per beneficiary. This excludes any incidence of cancer or pre-cancer before the inception of this policy and specifically excludes skin cancer.

Sira’Go Baby

This benefit has a R2 000 sub-limit for each new-born baby, and
covers the following:
• For the mother, after confirmation of pregnancy:
Midwife, consultations, pathology, ultrasounds, 3-D, and 4-D scans during pregnancy.
• For the newborn: Audiologist and paediatric
ophthalmologist consultations and any additional childhood immunisations.
• Upgrade to a private room during the confinement.
To add a new-born baby to the policy, we must receive the birth
certificate within 90 days of the child’s birth.

If a PMB claim does not qualify as a valid claim, you will have
access to MedCare’s free alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service for all claims exceeding R12 000.
You can also access the MedCare service for all claims less than
R12 000, including all potential medical scheme disputes, at a
50%, 15%, or 10% discounted rate depending on the required

Your financial advisor can also access this service on your behalf
and will have access to the MedCare website.

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