Mega Gap Cover claims show twofold increase in 2021

Musculoskeletal, connective tissue conditions were key drivers of Sirago’s mega gap claims in 2021. An analysis of gap insurance claims paid by Sirago Underwriting Managers during 2021 shows that the volume of large or ‘mega’ gap claims paid, had more than doubled in cost and volume when compared with mega claims paid by Sirago in […]

Medical aid renewal season – planning your healthcare finances for 2022

Medical aid renewal season – planning your healthcare finances for 2022. Given the financial constraints brought about by the pandemic, many medical scheme members find themselves under significant pressure to cut costs, while ensuring access to quality private healthcare when they need it. Between October and December, medical scheme members will need to make important […]

Health Insurance for Women – 6 Key Considerations

Women face distinct challenges when it comes to healthcare financial planning. For a start, women typically live longer¹ but earn less than their male counterparts². The longer life expectancy coupled with lower career compensation means that women will face greater financial burdens when it comes to affordability of private healthcare, especially so during retirement. Women […]