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Don't let medical bills drain your savings. Get Sirago Gap Cover.

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Sirago Gap Cover bridges the gap between your medical aid and specialist bills, ensuring you receive the best possible care without financial stress. Our philosophy of continuous improvement means that you are always guaranteed individual attention and superior products, which will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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At Sirago we provide a loyal partnership of care and understanding, opening up a new world of possibility.

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One of the core pillars which our business is founded on is a client-centric approach, translating into exceptional client- service standards with regards to quality and timeliness; efforts to ensure continual improvement and success; and real, appropriate and cost-effective product solutions.

Cover for hospitalisation shortfalls include gap cover, co-payment cover and cover for the voluntary use of non-designated service providers for prescribed minimum benefit conditions (except in the event of an emergency).  Out-of-hospital benefits include cover for the shortfalls resulting from the difference between what medical schemes pay and what day-to-day specialist doctors charge, for appliances and for emergency room treatment as a result of accidents and emergency illness.

A Stated Benefit is paid straight into your bank account

Shortfall cover for day-to-day specialists, GPs, dentists and alternative therapy

The stated benefit amount payable is not related to the specific cost of any medical expense shortfall or non-medical expense cover as a result of hospitalisation. Our first priority is to provide our policyholders with the peace of mind to focus on recovery and recuperation, which is why we do our underwriting at application, rather than claims stage. We also pride ourselves on effective turn-around times — in order to achieve this, Sirago have weekly pay runs.

Our core business revolves around the provision of critical benefits to policyholders who are faced with unforeseen medical expense shortfalls, which are not fully covered by their medical schemes.

We strive towards continuous improvement

Our competitive and affordable products are unparalleled in the market place and are the ideal complement to your overall healthcare portfolio.

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Sirago Corporate
Gap Cover

Sirago Corporate was designed to specifically meet the needs of the corporate market. We have a highly specialised service team to ensure our brokers, employers and policyholders receive focused responses. Membership is available to employees as part of a group, whether your company offers it on a compulsory or voluntary basis. We appreciate that every group is unique, therefore we premium rate each group using the Sirago Rating Tool.

In-Hospital Benefits

Out-of-Hospital Benefits

The Gap Cover benefit covers the difference between the medical scheme rate and the rate that service providers charge. We cover an additional 500% of the medical scheme rate.

This benefit covers immediate medical treatment due to an accident, trauma or illness at any registered emergency facility.

Cancer Benefits

Value Added Benefits

The Cancer Co-payment benefit incorporates co-payments for ongoing cancer related treatments and co-payments related to biological drugs.

A Premium Waiver benefit may be claimed by the surviving spouse/adult dependant of the current Sirago policy in the event of the death or total permanent disability.

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Here are the answers to your questions

Gap Cover is the invaluable safety net that covers the shortfall between what medical schemes pay and what specialist doctors charge. Without this, policyholders may find themselves paying for unexpected costs from their own pockets.

We cover policyholders and beneficiaries of all ages. The benchmark for premium determination is based on whether you join as an individual, or as a family, and the prospective policyholder’s age at the inception of the policy according to the following three age bands:

54 years and younger,

55 years to 64 years, and

65 years or older.

The fixed amount excess imposed in terms of your medical scheme rules for undergoing a specific procedure whether in or out of hospital. This will include, for example MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasound scans, and scopes.

The amount you have to pay in terms of your medical scheme rules when you are admitted to a hospital that is not a designated service provider as provided for in your medical scheme rules.

The fixed amount you have to pay in terms of your medical scheme rules when you are admitted to hospital as an in-patient.

The Gap portion claimable for the difference between the medical scheme rate and the charged amount for the listed set of primary care consultations applicable per option.

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